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Residential Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping: the name sounds like something from a superhero comic book, but it’s actually quite different. Put simply, it’s a revolutionary style of water-conserving landscaping that makes gardening easy. Xeriscaping is the process of planting similar plants with similar needs together. It mostly involves plants that require less water or have self-sufficient methods of gathering or retaining water. While this process originally gained popularity in hotter climates, it has spread to numerous areas. As the environment changes and the weather becomes hotter and dryer, xeriscaping has become more and more popular. It’s a great way to conserve water and still have a gorgeous garden. Here at Happy House Construction LLC, we’re big fans of xeriscaping. We love anything that’s beautiful and eco-friendly, and we love to see our clients thrilled with their xeriscape gardens. Read on to learn more about xeriscaping and contact us today.

Happy House Construction LLC’s Xeriscape Designs

If you live in a hot or sunny climate, your garden has surely felt the effects of the sun’s rays. There’s nothing sadder than parched soil and dying plants. But in today’s economy, who can afford the extra watering that a traditional garden requires? That’s where xeriscape landscaping comes in. It’s a drought tolerant landscape design. Xeriscaping is designed to maximize sun and minimize the need for watering. By planting drought tolerant plants, and placing them in self-sustaining flowerbeds, xeriscaping creates a drought tolerant garden. And Happy House Construction LLC can do it for you, in an efficient and friendly way. Our xeriscape designs will give you a garden you can be proud of.

Happy House Construction LLC Residential Xeriscaping

The Eco-Friendly Garden Choice

In this modern world, it’s hard to ignore the importance of conservation. The earth’s resources are slowly being drained, and our planet is suffering. If you’re like most folks, you want to do something about it, but you’re not sure how. Luckily, there are many ways to practice sustainability every day, and your garden is a great place to start.

Growing your own plants is great for the environment—you cut down on groceries and contribute to the oxygen supply. But some plants require extra watering, and that’s hard to do in a drought. Sustainable landscape design is the solution! Xeriscape plants like succulents, aloe vera, and native wildflowers look great and provide an important resource. Best of all, they need little to no water. You can enjoy a lovely garden knowing you’ve made a sustainable choice.

Contact Us Today for the Best Xeriscaping Near You

If you think xeriscaping is right for your garden, don’t hesitate to contact us. The cost of xeriscaping can vary depending on the size of your garden and the type of plants you desire, so we’re always happy to offer quotes and estimates. We can even set up an appointment or consultation. Or, if you just want to learn more about xeriscaping, please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

A drought affects everyone, but it doesn’t mean your garden has to suffer. Try xeriscaping. It’s the beautiful and environmentally friendly garden solution.