Sod Installation in Long Valley

Have you ever wished you could roll out grass on your lawn like you roll out a beautiful rug? Well, guess what: you can! Lawn sod is the most efficient, attractive way to fix a damaged lawn. And Happy House Construction LLC is the right landscaping company to do it for you. Our sod installation services will make your dead, damaged, or decomposed lawn look like new again. You don’t have to live with a lousy lawn anymore. Our highly skilled and trained landscape contractors will give you the beautiful green grass you want, and we’ll do it fast.

Get Beautiful Grass When You Hire Happy House Construction LLC

Now, you may be asking yourself: “what is sod, exactly?”. You’ve probably seen it in many places without even realizing it. Sod isn’t “fake grass” or “astro-turf” (although it is sometimes known as turf). It is real, beautiful grass grown by our team in a safe, controlled environment. Our sod is engineered to be healthy, lush, thick and strong, and then delivered in grass rolls and installed in your yard. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get the great lawn you want in Long Valley, without any hassle on your part.

Benefits of Grass Installation

Here at Happy House Construction LLC, we know grass. And when it comes to grass sod installation, we know the amazing effect it can have on any lawn. Our extensive experience in laying sod has allowed us to witness so many incredible transformations. If you’re thinking of sod installation for your lawn, consider the many benefits that come with this simple process:

  • Instant results. Let’s face it: there’s a reason they say boring tasks are like “waiting for grass to grow”. Lawn sod helps you get the great lawn you want with none of the wait time.
  • Low effort. Grass sod is already healthy, fertile, and thick upon arrival. It requires far less watering than immature grass. That means you save on water and time.
  • Low soil eroison. Got a sloped or hilly area? Afraid of watching your soil slip-slide away? That won’t happen with sod. It’s engineered to hold strong and stay in place.
  • Fresh air. There’s nothing like clean air to make you feel good. Mature lawn sod generates lots of oxygen to keep your property’s air fresh, clean, and healthy.

Contact Us Today for the Best Sod in Long Valley

We understand how important it is to save wherever you can. As a small business, we strive to always give our customers the good value they deserve. Whether you’re looking for total sod replacement, installation, or even just a minor fix, we’ll give you amazing quality grass at a reasonable price. Sod installation prices can vary depending on different factors (such as how much you need and what kind). We strive to always keep our prices fair and affordable. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about sod prices. We’re always happy to offer a free quote or estimate and schedule a no-commitment consultation. Ready to roll out the green carpet? Contact Happy House Construction LLC for all your lawn sod installation needs.