Lawn Dethatching in Long Valley

Have you been looking out at your lawn and sighing lately? Noticed an unsightly build-up of needles, leaves, and dead grass? That means you’ve got thatch. Thatch is a perfectly normal process of nature. It happens when the seasons change, and all the dead plant matter rises to the surface. It’s not pretty though, and most folks don’t want to deal with it.

Worse than that, thatch covers your lawn so much that important nutrients like sun and water aren’t able to reach your soil. That leads to dead grass and discoloration, which is definitely not ideal. Thatch is also a playground for rats, who use it as nesting material for their nests. Yikes! Don’t let thatch take over your backyard. Get rid of that stuff before it takes over with Happy House Construction LLC’s dethatching services. People all over Long Valley trust us to get rid of their thatch and make their lawns look great again. Keep reading to learn more about all we do and decide if dethatching is right for you.

Happy House Construction LLC’s Trusted Dethatching Services

So, how exactly do we get rid of that nasty thatch? Well, lawn dethatching is a pretty tricky task. It might seem easy, but in order to do the job right, you need the proper training and equipment. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of bald patches in your yard. Always trust the experts. At Happy House Construction LLC, all our hardworking team members are extensively trained in the process, as well as the use of dethatching equipment.

We use our amazing dethatching machine to cut through the thick layers of thatch and get all of that nasty stuff. This incredible tool can remove almost anything. And of course, we always give it a hundred percent to make sure your lawn is properly dethatched without any damages. Just leave it to use and our great dethatching machine to make your lawn look amazing again.

Best Times to Dethatch

Wondering when you should start the dethatching process? We recommend autumn (September to early November) the grass is stronger and more resilient this time of year, and will easily stand up to the yard dethatcher. Springtime (March-May) is also a good time, but we don’t recommend dethatching in summer.

Proud Local Lawn Care Team

What’s the secret of our success? Strong values and good work ethic. All of our hardworking staff members are Long Valley residents, just like you. And as community members, we believe in upholding important local values. We put hard work, honesty, and integrity into everything we do, and we believe it elevates the quality of our work. We believe it’s this combination of professional work with good local values that makes us one of the most trusted local landscaping companies.

Contact Us Today for a Free Dethatching Estimate in Long Valley

The time is now to get in touch. If you’re interested in our dethatching services, don’t hesitate to contact is. We’re available via the information provided on our website, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Come to us with any questions, comments, or feedback you may have.

Got a bad batch of thatch? You need Happy House Construction LLC at the dispatch! We’ll make your thatch problems go away so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn.