Shrubs and Hedges in Flanders

If there’s one landscaping choice that will always be classic, it’s bushes, shrubs, and hedges. They’re a great accent to any property and always look good. There’s nothing like beautiful and well-maintained bushes to make your landscape stand out and look elegant and distinguished. They add interest to a boring lawn, give you a bit of color, and also provide privacy. You can have all the privacy of a wooden or metal fence with the natural beauty of a hedge. And there’s no better way to get great hedges and shrubs than the landscaping services of Happy House Construction LLC. We’ll give you beautiful shrubbery with excellent service. Read on to learn more about our shrub services.

Benefits of Happy House Construction LLC’s Privacy Hedges

In an era of reality TV stars, social networking, and smartphones, your privacy is more important than ever. Take some pride in the fact that you keep some things to yourself, instead of broadcasting your every move. A privacy hedge gives you all the privacy of a regular fence without all the cost and commitment. And they’re also attractive. We can even give you a blooming privacy hedge, or a fast-growing privacy hedge. Some of our most requested privacy hedge plants are:

  • Berckman’s Golden Arborvitae
  • Camellia Japonica
  • Emerald Arborvitae
  • Japanese Yew
  • Wax Myrtle
  • And many more

Privacy bushes will give you the privacy you want in the form of beautiful greenery. There’s no better way to improve your lawn, get some personal space, and make your neighborhood prettier. And with so many options, you’ll have lots to choose from. People all over Flanders are choosing privacy shrubs to improve their landscape, and now you can too.

Personalized Landscaping Service

At Happy House Construction LLC, we know how important your property is to you. It’s not just a piece of land— it’s a reflection on you, your taste, and your lifestyle. We want to give you the best garden shrubs and hedge bushes ever. We’ll use our extensive experience in residential landscape to help you make informed decisions and offer helpful tips and advice.

We’ll let you know what worked for our other customers and tell you what we’ve observed about shrub placement and plant type. And whatever you choose, we’ll make it happen. We can give you any type of bush you want, from shade loving shrubs to evergreen flowering shrubs. We even have low maintenance shrubs for all you easygoing types. Our garden planner will work closely with you to determine the perfect plants and ideal placement for your property.

Contact Us Today for Our Shrub and Hedge Services in Flanders

If you think our services are right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We’re always happy to answer your questions, give tips and suggestions, and hear your comments. If you have questions about residential landscaping services or privacy shrub cost, we’re can offer a free quote or estimate. We can’t wait to hear from you.