Pergolas in Flanders

If you’re looking to add a little European flair to your backyard, a pergola is just the way to do it. These architectural landscape features come from Italy, and they are just as beautiful as you might expect. These lovely structures are defined by their distinctive four pillars and grid-like roof made up of beams and rafters. Pergolas aren’t just pretty, though.

They’re also useful, as they provide shade, shelter, and a place for vines and plants to grow. Pergolas are a great way to get all the convenience of a gazebo or arbor with a little more breathing room. Ready to take an Italian vacation in your own backyard? Read on and discover how Happy House Construction LLC can bring class and elegance to your outdoor space with our perfect pergolas.

Pergolas From Happy House Construction LLC

If you’re thinking about a pergola for your backyard, there’s no better time to get one. A garden pergola will add value to your home and give you an excellent place to relax or spend time with loved ones. There are so many great benefits to our pergolas. Let’s take some time to go over a few.

  • Attractive: Pergolas give your backyard sophistication without being overbearing.
  • Useful: Pergolas provide shade and shelter. They can be used for low-key hangouts or parties and get-togethers.
  • Plant-friendly: Vines and plants need room to grow. Pergolas provide a space for them to grow full and strong.
  • Versatile: Pergolas can be constructed in many different materials. They also can be combined with other backyard features, such as water fountains.

Pergolas aren’t just for the Italian countryside anymore. People all over Flanders are installing pergolas in their own backyards. Now you can, too.

Personalized Service for the Backyard of Your Dreams

We know how important your property is to you. You deserve quality service that’s customized to your needs. When you hire us, we’ll work closely with you to understand exactly what you want. We’ll offer helpful tips and suggestions based on our extensive experience to help you decide on your ideal patio pergola style. You can get a cedar pergola, brick pergola, or even a metal pergola. It’s all up to you! Just get out those sketchbooks, open up your favorite design magazines, and tell us all your ideas. We can’t wait to hear them.

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We believe quality is the result of hard work and good values. You won’t find harder workers than the dedicated staff of Happy House Construction LLC. As a locally owned and staffed business, we strive to uphold local values in everything we do. All our landscaping projects are full of our values of honesty, integrity, and honor.

When you hire us, we’ll arrive on time with our own high-quality tools and equipment and confirm plans with you. We’ll complete our work in a timely manner, while being mindful of noise and clutter. And of course, we’ll always clean up after ourselves. Respect, work ethic, and dedication: that’s why people trust Happy House Construction LLC in their backyard.