Mulching in Budd Lake

If you want your plants to grow strong and healthy, mulching is the way to do it. It’s an effective way to speed up the growth of plants and grass. But what is it, exactly? Mulching is the process of using organic materials as a blanket on top of your soil. These materials provide essential nutrients to aid in the growth of your plants. People across Budd Lake are choosing mulch as the best way to help their plants grow better and faster. At Happy House Construction LLC, we know all there is to know about mulching, and we’re here to tell you why it’s the best treatment to get your plants happy and healthy.

Why Choose Happy House Construction LLC for Mulching?

Mulching is the best way to give your plants the nutrients they need while recycling organic materials. But since your plants can’t talk, let us tell you about all the great things mulching can do for them.

  • Regulate moisture levels. Your soil will retain greater levels of water with the insulation provided by mulch. This will give your plants the water they need and reduce puddling.
  • Prevent weeds. Weeds are no match for mulch. Your plants will have all the room they need to grow without being crowded by weeds.
  • Insulate soil. Mulch insulates soil in all types of weather, which helps to keep temperatures and moisture levels regular.

Garden mulch provides a range of additional benefits depending on the type chosen. We offer a wide range of mulch types, and we’ll help you chose something that’s perfect for your soil.

Different Types of Mulch

If you’re trying to decide on the best mulch for you, you should know the basics. The two essential types of mulch are organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made from natural materials such as bark, leaves, and wood chips. Inorganic mulches are factory-made from non-natural materials like pulverized rubber and geotextiles. Both have their pros and cons, and both serve an important purpose. Organic mulch breaks down easily and provides nutrients, which means it needs to be re-applied. Inorganic mulch doesn’t break down, which means it doesn’t need re-application, but it doesn’t have as many nutrients. We’ll use our skills and experience to help you decide what type of landscape mulch is right for you.

Contact Us Now for a Free Estimate on Mulching in Budd Lake

At Happy House Construction LLC, we do so much more than mulch delivery or mulch installation. We offer a wide range of services and we’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re completely satisfied. Whether you’re looking for black mulch, bark mulch, or lava rocks, we’ll give you the best mulch near you, every time. Once you try our services, you’ll find out why we’re one of Budd Lake’s leading landscape companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re always happy to hear from you and answer all your mulching questions.